Compliantly Hire in Congowithout an entity.

Recruit expats and local nationals in Congo without the hassle of setting up and in-country entity.

Employ Expats and Run Payroll & Tax

Our Employer of Record services allow you to employ both expats and local nationals in Congo.

Regardless of the duration of your workers’ assignment in Congo, we ensure your payroll & tax obligations are 100 % compliant to Congolese laws and labor policies.

Additionally, we also assist you find the perfect recruit through our sister-company (africa jobs).

Hire Expats

We assist you every step of the way to recruit and onboard expats in Congo.

Hire Local Nationals

Hire local nationals for your assignments according to current labor laws.

Manage Benefits

Mange your workers’ benefits, personal liability and pension funds.

Run Payroll & Tax

Compliantly run payroll & tax in Congo without having to setup an entity.


We finally found a partner to rely on for our regular assignments in Congo.

– Mary Stammers (Protectplus Congo)

Africa HR has helped us quickly hire and onboard expats for an urgent market research in Congo.

– Patrice Becker (Worldwide Data Corp.)

Setting up a local company in Congo was not an option and we turned to Africa HR to help out. Best decision ever – saved us a lot of time and resources.

– Xing Chi Miang (Asia Technoglobe)

Professional team to assist us managing payroll runs for our team of 12 in Kinshasa. Accurate and fast turnaround.

– Molly Sandersen (Danesberg Inc.)

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